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Holy crap has it been a while. Everything on this site is dead. HofWare Games is dead, as well. Wow. I didn't even expect this page to still exist.
Hello, Byron.


I am now working on a new secret project. This project will change the face of HofWare Games forever. There are a few things I can reveal about this project, so here they are:

1: This project will take up most of my time, so for now, Quicksilver XP and The Adventure of Hof and Jeff are cancelled until further notice.

2: This is a game that is totally different from the other games I have made. It uses a new engine, a unique storyline and new characters(although I can guarantee the return of three members of team Quicksilver)

3: This game will take me MONTHS of work on maps and character stats, not to mention several weeks on the dialog and special effects.

Hopefully, this game will be released by the end of next year(possibly syncronized with my associates degree).


It has recently come to my attention that "Quicksilver" is a registered trademark of UNIgames. They say they have full rights to the name, but I can't find any registered trademarks of UNIgames on the national registry website, so I will not take action at this time. I would, however, like to get this straightened out, even if it means a new name for my Quicksilver games.


The production of Hof and Jeff is going slower that I had originally expected. Therefore, I will have to postpone the release of Quicksilver XP until I finish The Adventures of Hof and Jeff


If you have any comments or suggestions, email me using the link at the bottom of the page.


The first screen shot from Quicksilver XP

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